Friday, July 20, 2012


In the yard surrounding our humble casita in Mexico, we have four large mango trees, each of which produces copious  numbers of large, luscious, ripe mangos which drop to the ground in profusion every day in the fall.   Well, we just can't eat them all, and certainly cannot give them away.  Why not, you ask? 

Because EVERYBODY seems to have a plethora of large, luscious ripe mangos.  So here is our solution.... We set up our home-grown factory for making sun-dried mangos, as shown in the photos below. 

Alas, we cannot bring the dried mangos back to the States.  It's against importation laws.  Too bad, because they are reallyreally delicious.
 So here is our sweatshop (our ramada).  In the foreground are tree-fallen mangos soaking.  In the background, Robert is patiently peeling & slicing the ripe mangos...

And now -- with  the work kindly shared by our dear friends Sara y Guillermo -- the mango slices are carefully placed on the drying screen (which Robert built, of course).

Excellent work!

....and with that, the screen is put up on the slanting roof where the mangos will dry into crisp, delicious chips.  This takes several days -- and they must be hauled in at night to avoid dew and... furry/feathered friends who would like some, too!

These dried mangos really ARE delicious....

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