Friday, July 20, 2012

Found Sculptures and Dear Friends

This fierce shark, pictured above, was once a piece of driftwood that I picked up after a storm.  
I changed nothing other than to paint it, so that you too might see how utterly fierce it is!!!

 And THIS, above, is what we see each and every morning when we open our eyes.

 This is the one surface I keep solely for interesting objects in arrangement...

 ....and here is a close-up of two favorite objects.  We purchased the Shaman, but the merman wielding a fiery sword is another piece of driftwood that I picked up on the beach -- and just can't talk myself into painting... yet. 
OH!  and that Spiderman?  Drift-plastic. He was half-buried in the sand when I found him, too.

Best of all..... are these ongoing friendships among the kids in the village.  They are free to drop by whenever we're home.  They know where the toys and projects are, and are free to pick and choose.  It is always a delight to have visitors such as these.

¡Ah!  ¡Las Conejas! 
We are delighted to share our love of green salady things with our friends.  Here, mother (Sara) and daughter (Ariana) have come over to help prepare food "for rabbits" as the lovely young Ariana likes to call salads.  And I really MUST add that there have been COUNTLESS times when Sara has invited us over for her delicious home-made meals of fresh-caught fish (by husband Guillermo), home-made blue corn tortillas, and various greens and vegeys, all of them perfectly spiced -- just fiery enough!
By the way, they regard us as their abuelos...... their grandparents.

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