Friday, July 20, 2012


Mothers' Day is such a sweet celebration in the pueblito in Mexico....  The school children present dances and skits, and also involve their mothers in games.  I've written about these celebrations in previous posts.  This year I attended the  middle-school age party.  Here are some photos...

The mothers all sit in in school desks (and a number of their children carved their names in the wood, I happened to notice) -- thoughtfully placed in the shade.

And to get the ball rolling, the MOTHERS are invited to play some party games first.  As I reported last year, a favorite game is (what I call)  "Caca Aiming."  Self-explanatory, I believe:

Then the kids begin their skits and dances.  This is my favorite:  the kids cover themselves up, hoping to be unrecognizable in these big bags,  and dance around awhile.  THEN, the mothers must come forward and fearlessly hug the child they are SURE is their very own darling.

How certain do these mothers appear to be as they come forward to hug their very own?

It all ends with some great and spirited dancing...

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