Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Quinceñera -- Coming of Age

When a girl reaches her 15th birthday, she has come of age -- a time for consecration in the Church, and celebration with the village. Sandra stands with her mother (Sara), father (Guillermo), and a nephew in the church -- at the beginning of a great celebration.

And so the Mass begins, with all her friends and family in attendance...

Ah, but after the Mass -- she is now a Woman.
These are the girls she has grown up with in the village... Girls we ourselves have known since they were little kids. Some transformation!

And then the party begins. Sandra cuts the cake, and then she cuts up the dance floor -- along with everyone in this village and neighboring ones. The party was still going when we wandered back to our casita... music, food, dancing, and much laughter! We have manymany more pictures, if you're interested....

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