Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pix: work around our casita

This was a brilliant idea, thanks to Roverto.... and all the villagers he hired to help.  We now have a cistern right by the road, which can be gravity-filled from the town water system. Our casita is on a hill, so getting water has been....

 We've since built a roof over the cistern, and a casing for a pump which will pump the water up the hill to our house for kitchen and shower uses.

And this view gives a feeling of another project, now complete...  Sara (Guillermo's wife) sits on our porch and in the distance is our, um, Pavilion:  a shade roof with a fine cement floor.  Perhaps we'll use it for hanging more hammocks;  perhaps it will serve as an outdoor kitchen;  or perhaps it will be a place for YOU to  set up your tent when you visit.  

And here is the "Before" photo of our back porch.  This roof and its four posts were put up in a previous visit, and the place has remained a funky catch-all...  Check it out in the next photo!

(But first, notice the jungly backyard... this is where our butterflies live... see the post of butterfly photos)

Men at work!  The guy in the foreground is another of the Mayor's brothers, the youngest.  He is nicknamed Momo -- a romantic, poetic guy now married with a sweet young daughter.

And here is the finished floor, all shiny with cooling water poured on it.  Very shady, cool place.

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