Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pix: butterflies abounding

En route home, we caught THE perfect day to watch the monarch butterflies -- in the Rosario preserve of Michoacan, a chain of low mountains of central Mexico.  They have just reached their winter destination -- by the countless millions!  The constant, soft whir of their wings overhead, the wing-laced air all around us as we walked, the sheer number of their presence all around....  They flew here from Canada and will head back in the spring...  No room here to tell their whole, amazing story.

Here is a close-up view of their spotted selves.

And in previous blogs I described "our" butterflies, long-wings who live in our jungly backyard.  Here is one group, coming to bed for the night.  As many as 17 would crowd along this dead hanging vine... the number varied.  When their wings are open, they are brilliant black with beautiful, filigreed horizontal yellow/cream stripes.

This is the other major species of butterflies that live in our jungly backyard.  Brilliant colors.  These guys are also settling in for the night.

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