Monday, June 30, 2008

...mere sketches

Since I was unable to capture the true profusion of color with a camera, I tried to do so with colored pencils. Pretty poor sketching skills, but this does give a bit more of a feel for how lush the flowers were this year.... along the side of our humble little casita in the Little Salty Place. We planted three colors of bugambilia at the base of a "retorño" tree.  This creates a great trompe-l'oeil -- telling the eye that this tree has three colors of blossoms (white, red and purple). The yellow blooms in the big pots are "Copa de Oro" and will be transplanted to the base of our upcoming carport support posts... copious yellow blooms on a climbing plant. In the foreground -- margaritas! And over by the water tank is a mango tree dripping with yet-to ripen mangos.

A quick sketch, celebrating the hibiscus...

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middle aged mama said...

what do you man no sketching skills?

your drawings are beautiful! and some of m favorite plants...magoes (did ou know theya re the world's most commonly eaten fruit, one of the most "wild-type" of the thick sweet nourishing fruits, one fo the best sources of beta-carotene, and jsut plain delicious.

and bouganvillia...let a thousand flowers (and bracts) bloom.