Monday, May 21, 2012


Robert, my ever creative and quirky and imginative genius of a delightful partner, was sitting next to me, our toes in the sand, as we watched the sun set over the ocean.  We do this most every night... and every night is a masterpiece.

This night, we were watching a big and  perfectly round circle of orange set like a jewel among colorful wispy clouds as it sank slowly into the sea.

Near the horizon, that edge of the vast sea,  the low cloudbank partially obscured the sun, creating the illusion of a perfectly round bite out of the sun along its north side.

Robert, ever the dreamer, the imaginer of the unlikely, said, "Hey!  There's an eclipse of the sun!"

I was lazily disputing this leap of imagination, pointing out the obvious to him, namely that cloudbank, while agreeing that what he imagined was a neat idea -- when our newly arrived good-buddy walked over to join us, after a great evening sesh in the waves.  He had JUST flown in from the States in the afternoon.

"Hey!   You CAN see the eclipse from here!  That's cool.  So I'm not missing it after all!  They say that in Albuquerque you can see the full eclipse -- but this is good!   This is good...."

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