Saturday, December 26, 2009


A silly fantasy I've entertained over the years came to fruition on Christmas morn.

Background Part A:  Our front yard which was once an apple orchard has become a junkyard of old cars from Hudsons and Model T's on up to... well, that's part of the story I guess.

Background Part B:  As a young child I drew incessantly and fantasized having my very own red convertible car.  When the Miata appeared decades later -- first as huge billboards with a photo of a red one and just its name -- I recognized my childhood drawings made real.
SO..... for fun, I would poke Robert to see if maybe...  but NEVER really meaning it because such cars are so very impractical.  Where do you put the groceries, your friends, your bike, your pokeboat, your camping gear?
Nevertheless, I played around with the image of waking one Christmas morning, and after coffee and sweet quiet before the tree, finding a small package there for me.
Inside this package would be a key, maybe with a bow on it, and a note, "Whatever car this fits, is yours.  PS  Look for a bow."
Then I would wander out into our yardful of cars and search...  and find that Miata.

This Christmas Morn / 2009:  After a quiet time in the living room, fire newly stoked, I looked under the tree and there was a little package -- a key with a bow on it.  I winked at Robert and stepped outside in slippers and robe.  No need to look far, no need to trudge through the snow looking among all the cars out there.  Right there in the carport was a car new to me, with a red bow on it.  AND, the key fit.

Mind you, it is a practical car -- one I really truly DO want and deeply appreciate.  It is really OUR car because we will be taking it on many a camping/adventure.  It is a new-to-us-used Dodge Caravan.  Not red, though.  Blue, Iris Blue.  (If I get around to it, I'll restage the discovery for a photo-op  but don't hold your breath --my iPhoto says it's full, which is also why I've yet to post Mexico pix -- can't load 'em!)

(...and I smile here as I post this Christmas fantasy because right at the start of this blog --December 2007 -- is far more profound fantasy come true, described under the title "A Sadhu's Christmas in India.")

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nanna said...

you didn't really want a Miata...I promise.
Merry Christmas!