Friday, June 26, 2009

Mexico Pix: Spring 09 (pt.2)

Hey!  Look at this!  Two fledgling doves in their nest.  They are able to fly on their own now, but haven't yet given up this place of refuge.  We've watched this nest since the mother bird first started sitting here....  very carefully, from a distance, with binoculars.

This time, with telephoto, and a bit too close (I might add) Robert moved in.  The bird on the left hopped out of the nest and fluttered clumsily off. Later, he was seen back in the nest -- which is located (by the way) right behind the construction site of our new wash-stand.

Ahhh, a delicious evening meal with Marta in her welcoming kitchen...  We share such a close bond with her and her family, through all these years.  This is the mother of Omar and Lalo (appearing now and again in pix and blogs).  Her daughters, equally fine folk, don't drop by our house and so don't make it into blog-tales.

This kitchen is wattle-and-daub construction, covered in adobe and whitewashed.  Airy, light,  and comfortably spacious.

And here, from the vantage point of my hammock in our new ramada (those are my toes), is a glimpse of how lush our property is becoming.  Five ever-blooming rose bushes in pots, ferns, papaya, and various citrus trees all shade the house and provide places for birds and lizards.  We spend many a morning on the porch, watching this "wide-screen TV."

And here's a glimpse into the yard of our nearest neighbors.  This is where our delightful Luis lived before he was adopted and moved to Zihua.  This little girl, Diana Laura, is his cousin.  Soon, I hope she will be independent enough to come play with the other kids on the porch.  As I wrote some time earlier, this family saga deserves a novel as large as "Gone With the Wind."  

The mango tree, by the way, is on our side of the fence -- one of four.  It was a great mango year.

Appearing on our wide-screen TV this day is our molting lizard.  He wanders all over our property, entertaining us with his antics.

The ever-vigilant "OWNER" of this papaya tree is the hummingbird.  While he chases off all other birds, butterflies, even bees -- he leaves this guy alone (he don't drink no nectar).  

We have a photo of the hummingbird at rest (where he often performs his bathing ritual), but he is very small in the photo, so I didn't post it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sara,

We met you at La Saladita in May while we were visiting our surf friend Bob. I finally got to check out your blog. Hope all is well with you. Hope to see you there again sometime in the near future. We had a great visit.

Pat and Rick Courtney