Monday, April 14, 2008

Is something retrograde somewhere?

Apparently SOMETHING is retrograde. Our friend Matilde can recount a similar list of, um, mishaps. I'll make it quick and in order:

* I got swimmer's ear my first and only day in the water, which to the uninitiated, feels like you have some severe infection in your brain that is tunneling in deeper and deeper. Easily cured once you get the proper, easily available drops. We have them now. It is cured.

* The next day I cut off the tip of my thumb while cutting down strangling vines from one of our mango trees. It is healing nicely, no infection, but the tip-flap is pure white so it will be interesting to see what I get when it is all finished. Keeps me out of the sea, though.

* Our playful little boy-kitty gets confused as to just where he's supposed to go to the bathroom so he needs watching just now...

* By the way, the worst news is that cappuchinos now cost MORE for LESS than you get in Durango. Nothing wrong with drinking instant Nescafe with instant milk, I always say.

* The dramas in Gringolandia/Beachside are too much like a soap opera with an ever-changing cast of characters.  Not worth the pixels.

Enough!!  I hear the waves are great.  Lots of people on 'em.  Time to head back to the beach.  I can at least wade, and cool down, til my thumb heals.

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Tomas Dennis said...

I read this post a few days ago and my computer crashed and lost the post. I felt bad that you had to go all the way down south to have everything happen all in one day. Laurel Rose once told some folks that she loved cats and the next day we had 3 more on our doorstep. Sorry for all the problems.
Take care