Friday, June 10, 2016

Pueblo Dance Shenanigans -- a glimpse


      We also visited two different tribal pueblos to view their dances, both open to the public. Judy is close friends with a number of the women in both pueblos.
      No photographing is allowed at all... so here is a brief word-picture:
      First we hear the powerful drumbeats which fill the air and open the heart, and we, the many observers, stand nearby taking it all in.  Soon after, we can see the dancers entering the courtyard area -- colorfully painted faces, colorful clothing, hauntingly beautiful singing, rhythmic footsteps.  The dancers are fully focused on their dance, their deep chanting touches the heart, as they all move in procession throughout the pueblo grounds. 
      We all follow at a respectful distance, standing around the edges.
      And ahhhh!  One dance in particular....  
      Yes, at one of the pueblos, there was a very playful twist.  We had been following a dancing "herd of deer" when -- as if in utter disruption -- once-were-enemy "Apache," colorfully marked with warpaint, appeared on the scene! 
      They snuck up alongside the "deer"...  
      Then, suddenly, they began hooting war-cries!  With their tiny bows they shot toy arrows into the air over the heads of the dancers -- and the rain of arrows fell all around, wafting harmlessly to the ground.  
      This went on for some playful time...  and then, to our delight, the dance SUDDENLY erupted in a sort of "Sadie Hawkins" scramble!!! 
      At the sound of one gunshot -- all the dancers took off running like hell to avoid being captured by local unmarried tribes-women.  Delightful pandemonium indeed!  After all, if they are caught, they are then taken to that woman's home, and HELD there, captive,  until the dancer's family comes up with payment to free them -- foodstuffs, maybe other trades, (not money). 
      Much laughter!