Thursday, June 20, 2013


In the previous post, I left a cliffhanger....  WILL the puppies get beheaded?
The answer is no!

It's a great story -- email me if you want to read it.  I had to assume the mindset of the Mentalist during the thick of things!  Now, all is well.

Short version:  They were all adopted by thoughtful, loving people.  Better yet, they were adopted in pairs -- even better yet, the pairs were the way the puppies had sorted themselves out.

SO!  Coyote and Manuela are sharing a home together just across the dirt road from our place,  and Guantes and Pirata are together as well, in another village not so very far away.

What I share here are a couple of photos (out of many)....

Here is starving, frightened, homeless Guantes -- we could NOT resist those eyes. We began to feed and water him from the first moment he stumbled weakly into our jungly back yard.  When he regained some strength, he went off and brought his sister (Manuela), and naturally, shortly after that, Pirata and Coyote showed up.  All four were mere skin and bones, like this...

But give 'em a couple months of good food, good water, and good lovin' and you get this, with Guantes (on the right) leading the pack:

The families who adopted them needed dogs to work with them in their fields -- to head off thieves like raccoons, for instance.  But also.... they welcomed the dogs as "amigos" they said.  They smiled as they said that, while watching their dogs cavort about with each other.

All's well that ends well, and this is a good place to end this story.  I'm kickin' back and.... watching the beautiful clouds in the beautiful blue sky.  That's what the Mentalist would do, too.