Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Standing Silent, Smiling

Sun, sea
Sun, sea, sand
Surf, sand
Sea, sun
Surf, sun, sea

Saturday, April 18, 2009

And now it's... Alas, Chaneke....

A year ago, I sadly reported the loss of sweet Corazon, caught by a coyote.  And now, feisty Chaneke too, is gone -- also by a coyote.  Chaneke was far more wary, cautious, watchful.  I thought he had a chance....  

And so now, I realize I can never have another cat for a pet, much as I dearly love those little 
fuzzy bundles of playfulness...  I have loved them all my life, beginning with Crownie, pictured below (killed by a neighboring dog).  There is definitely no protecting them from coyotes.... not here on our wild patch of land.  Time to finally just clear out all the cat toys, food and bowls.... I've kept them ever since I tragically lost Kachina in Taos.    All had brief lives, and I guess I can't take the grief.  They are, for me, like children.  

Naively,  I looked forward to growing old with each one of them.